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WFE’s Executive team is composed of four industry and capital market veterans, Rand Hodgson,
Fred Strong, Victor Tkachenko and Paul Manson. Together, the WFE Executive team has 150
years of relevant experience in mining, resource industry finance and engineering. Executive
roles may be reconfigured or supplemented as part of a major financing and/or merger.


Fred M. Strong

Chairman, co-founder and grubstaker: Over 40 years executive experience in capital markets, mainly in
the natural resource sector, including, over $50 million in transactions. CEO Villas del Caribe SA, Desarrollos
Ecologicos SA. Fluent French, Spanish.


Whitefish is strictly a prospect generator. It maintains a network of consultants to supplement its executive

Christian Singfield:  Senior Research Hydro-Metallurgist:

Chris is a Senior Research Hydro-Metallurgist based in Brisbane, Australia.  Recently, he has been involved in the offshore drilling industry with clients such as Chevron & Halliburton in Houston Texas.  He helped develop new ways to monitor real-time drilling performance for both offshore and land rigs. Chris brings unparalleled knowledge and skill sets regarding complex mineral extraction to any resource project, helping establish priorities for cost-effective and efficient decision-making.

Consulting Structural Geologist:

Robert H. Thivierge (P.Geo.) has 43 years of geological experience; 31 years of academic research, mineral
exploration and applied geotechnical studies in Canada and 12 years of gold exploration, discovery and
project management in Africa: Segala and Tabakoto in Mali and Rambo, Kao and Yaramoko in Burkina Faso.
Bob has a field-based background in structural geology and the tectonic evolution of Precambrian terrains,
with an emphasis on structural controls for gold mineralization.

Lakehead University: Thin Sections:

Dr. Mary Louise Hill of Lakehead University prepared and examined nine thin sections, mainly rocks from the Discovery zone at Maun, and commented on a very preliminary basis. She is looking forward to a site visit to follow up on initial impressions.

“Your thin sections are…interesting and indicate a strong structural control on mineralization. In sample 8 from the Discovery trench, gold occurs in quartz fibre veins, the quartz fibres are curved and indicate rotation of the veins during non-coaxial strain (a shear zone). Some of the samples you call rhyolite are mostly generations of deformed quartz veins. The chlorite schists and what you call mafic fragments get their colour from chlorite and the fine grain size and are not actually mafic. Everything you sent me looks like deformed quartzofeldspathic (felsic/intermediate) plutonic rock and deformed quartz veins with varying amounts of metasomatism (alteration). So far, this looks like shear-zone-hosted orogenic gold to me.”

EMND Site Visit and 2019 Annual Report
The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Northern Development ("EMND") office In Thunder Bay attempted a field visit to Maun in 2019 but was shut-in by weather. Nevertheless, the Company's Maun project occupies a prominent position in the OGS report: Cundari RM, Paju GF et al 2020 Report of Activities 2019, Resident Geologist's Program, Thunder Bay North District, Ontario Geological Survey, Open File Report 6364 pages 38-47. Whitefish is working to coordinate a 2020 visit as soon as field conditions permit

Consulting: Bridging Corporate Technical Gap:

David Graham has been President of R. Bruce Graham and Associates Ltd. (founded in 1956) since 1986. Mr Graham is also President and CEO of Bold Ventures Inc. Mr Graham has over 40 years experience in the mineral exploration sector acting as a manager and/or Director of several public and private natural resource and mineral exploration companies. In his career, David has been involved with a number of discoveries in gold, uranium, base metals, industrial minerals and organic media. Mr Graham specializes in bridging the corporate technical gap.

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