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Whitefish (“Atikameg” in Anisinaabe, “WFE” or “the Company”) is a private prospect generator has that
optioned and grubstaked crews to stake, explore, prospect, and upgrade 3400 hectares (34 km2) of
highly focused gold-bearing mineral claims. All claims were staked and optioned to WFE by independent
prospectors under the guidance of Senior Field Geologist, Rand Hodgson (Eagle River, Detour Lake).


First Nations and the Environment

Whitefish believes pro-active partnerships with Canada’s First Nations and northern communities are the
wave of the future. WFE’s image is, of course, tailored to appeal to people with a love for fishing and the
great outdoors. Fishing and gold exploration share a penchant for the lure of “the big one”. Clean, healthy
and safe operations that respect sustainability, cultural integrity and local development are core values.


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