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160 hectares, 1.6 km2, drill permit pending

In late 2019, WFE was able to acquire six additional claims adjacent to Premier-Centerra’s
newly permitted 4.2 million ounce Greenstone JV. WFE’s claims are located directly over the
Barton Bay Deformation Zone (“BBDZ”). Between 1930 and 1970, over 4mm ounces of gold was
produced by nearly mines. Most of this gold came from the old McLeod Mosher mine adjoining
the WFE claims to the west. About a mile away, Long Lac produced over 600,000 ounces of gold
at 10 g/t head grade.

WFE_ForresterV8_December 2020.jpg

HARDROCK (East Geraldton)

Hardrock headframe pic_.jpg

Hardrock headframe

WFE’s Hardrock claims adjoin the eastern boundary of patented land associated with the Greenstone JV.
The area features several strong conductors and high-grade grab samples, including 292 g/t Au sourced
steps from WFE claims (Shields). Both of WFE’s claim groups are located right on top of the Barton Bay
Deformation Zone (“BBDZ”), the Hardrock area’s primary gold-bearing structure. Overburden and water
issues mean modern winter drilling will use geophysics to supplement old drill logs and other historical work


This is a prolific gold-bearing area. Between 1930 and 1970, more than 4.0 million ounces of gold was mined
using underground methods from multiple mines in the region. Hardrock and McLeod Mosher were the
largest producers. (Bowdidge, C 1998 Forrester Gold Report, page 3).

Logistics could hardly be better. The claims are just south of Highway 11, the TransCanada Highway near the
community of Long Lac about 20km from Geraldton (now Greenstone). They are accessible by good logging
roads. In past years, Whitefish personnel have used the Hardrock claims for training. In this area, the six
newest claims bordering patents associated with Hardrock are the Company’s top priority, followed by Eldee

Rand Hodgson has also spoken with the long-time owner of the Hardrock Extension, an extensive set of claims

located south and east of the Whitefish claims along the BBDZ. WFE will make a point to include this group in drilling deliberations for properties close to the Hardrock Extension. The Company is open to risk-sharing or joint venture.


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