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WFE’s Executive team is composed of four industry and capital market veterans, Rand Hodgson,
Fred Strong, Victor Tkachenko and Paul Manson. Together, the WFE Executive team has 150
years of relevant experience in mining, resource industry finance and engineering. Executive
roles may be reconfigured or supplemented as part of a major financing and/or merger.


Fred M. Strong

Chairman, co-founder and grubstaker: Over 40 years executive experience in capital markets, mainly in
the natural resource sector, including, over $50 million in transactions. CEO Villas del Caribe SA, Desarrollos
Ecologicos SA. Fluent French, Spanish.


In order to keep costs down and maximize spending on the properties, WFE draws on a wide network
of professionals to contribute to capacity that are making for important contributions to the state of
knowledge, especially with regard to the new discovery at Maun Lake.

•  In 2019, Chief Dorothy Towedo was elected for a third term at Aroland. Mining co-ordinators, EDO and
   other Band members have also helped make the consultation process more meaningful. Megweetch.

•  Two years ago, Raymond Ferris, who signed Aroland’s interim Mining Protocols, accompanied WFE
    founder Fred Strong to the first meeting with EMND. We have since lost touch but encourage contact.

•   Lakehead University in Thunder Bay cut and polished nine thin sections from Maun for lab study (see Thin
    Sections). Thank you.

•   At last year’s NW Ontario Prospector Exhibition in Thunder Bay, a top geologist and a professor from
    Lakehead University tentatively identified gold-bearing breccia samples from Maun as “fault breccias”,
    quite possibly related to the regional Hurd Lake fault.

•   A resident of Nakina has a long history of exploration around Aroland. His father was an early prospector.
    He is said to be buried “right where the gold is”. He may well have been right. Megweetch.

•   The Ontario Exploration Corporation (“OEC”) has been approached to consider the proposed Atikameg JV.      OEC personnel know both main properties and are briefed on the ground-breaking Atikameg JV.

•   EMND Thunder Bay has been supportive. In 2019, after reviewing data from the discovery zone at Maun,
    EMND tried a field visit. Weather forced them to reschedule for 2020. The discovery will be noted in the
    2019 Annual Report, which is due for release just before PDAC.

•   Finally, a family in Nakina provided local leadership and support for the Company’s early efforts in the
    field. Despite a falling out, WFE appreciates the enthusiasm and energy. Thank you all.

•   The The City of Thunder Bay very kindly allowed the use of their Economic Development map to illustrate

    the location of the three Whitefish properties. WFE looks forward to making a significant contribution to

    local and regional economic development. Megweetch.

•   As is the case for all start-up companies, Whitefish has benefited from advice from people who know a

    great deal about the mining business and WFE's specific properties. Their insights and encouragement

    have been invaluable. Thank you.

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