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January 24, 2019
Whitefish Exploration Inc.


Whitefish Exploration (“WFE”) has spent $375,000 and over five years to prospect, grubstake, option and document mineral rights to 3400 hectares of highly prospective land in three greenstone belts in Northern Ontario: Beardmore-Geraldton, the Birch-Uchi Belt (60km east of Red Lake), and the Tashota Belt (north of Nakina). All three locations are tightly focused on undrilled gold-bearing deformation zones and lithologies. Prospecting has yielded over 70 separate and distinct gold occurrences. In addition, Swain Lake contains several induced polarization (IP) conductors coincident with gold anomalies which are ready to be drilled.

New Ontario discovery:  The third claim group, located in the Maun Lake Area north of Nakina, overlies a big unexplored surface anomaly identified by a prospecting crew led by Senior Field Geologist Rand Hodgson (Eagle River, Detour Lake) in 2017 and 2018. Two field visits yielded several new gold occurrences up to 55 grams per tonne hosted by five lithologies: Rhyolites, breccias, porphyrys, massive sulphides and chemical sediments. The new gold showings are widely spaced over an area of at least 500 x 3000 metres. Most important, they are not associated with quartz veins. A growing body of evidence suggests the potential for both VMS and structurally-controlled gold deposition.

Whitefish is seeking industry funding to follow-up the new Maun data and drill all three claim groups on a flexible, prioritized basis. At Maun, WFE has built-up good relations with the nearby Aroland First Nation community. They were allocated a direct stake and voice in WFE and are consulted in advance with respect to exploration activities in traditional lands. Accessible, well-defined shallow prospects with supportive local partners mean significant targets can be assessed at lower cost and reduced risk compared to other early-stage properties. Whitefish is presently in the process of obtaining permits for Spring, 2019. If these claims are of interest, Whitefish personnel welcome your call.

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Rand Hodgson
Senior Exploration Geologist

For more information contact:

Fred Strong

Rand Hodgson
(705) 243 7873



Feb 6, 2020
For immediate release

Whitefish Exploration Inc. and Senior Exploration Geologist Rand Hodgson are pleased to announce their participation in the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Convention which takes place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre March 1-3, 2020.  Whitefish can be found at Booth 3006 in the Prospectors Tent.

Whitefish has spent five years to option, discover and document two new surface gold discoveries and a near-mine claim set adjoining the Greenstone JV.  Both surface discoveries, Swain Lake (Birch-Uchi) and the company’s flagship Maun Lake property (O’Sullivan Lake greenstone belt) received exploration and drilling permits in late-2019.  Swain is drill-ready.

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